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Let us take A Better Look!

About us

Buying or selling a home can be a complex process. At A Better Look Home Inspection LLC, we are committed to keeping things simple and straight forward to help you with your real estate purchase.

With real estate deadlines putting some serious time constraints on your hands, you not only need a professional home inspector, you need them fast! With A Better Look Home Inspection LLC, booking a home inspection has never been easier. We make sure things are done right, but we also make sure it fits your time crunched schedule as best we can.

There are so many home maintenance and repair items that are important that trying to establish the most critical ones can be daunting. Let the professional home inspectors of A Better Look Home Inspection LLC deal with these stresses, and avoid dealing with the future headaches that can arise down the road. Make a small investment in us, and we can help make the overall process of home inspections go smoother.

Why do you need a home inspection?

A home is likely the largest financial investment you will ever make. A home inspector works for you, not your agent, to help you discover repairs that are needed in the home. This helps you avoid unpleasant surprises or major financial burdens soon after purchasing your home. You will learn whether your home is in need of immediate major repairs or whether it is in good condition. This information can help you have the repairs done before closing on your home.

We take great pride in every home inspection we perform. When the inspection is over, we will prepare a detailed inspection report for the property. This will usually be e-mailed to you within 48 hours, many times the same day and it will provide you with clear documentation of repairs that are needed in the home. This inspection also provides the buyer with the proper knowledge base for making effective negotiations with the seller.

What areas do we service?

We offer home inspections, and Radon level measurements throughout the state of New Jersey. We are located at the Jersey shore providing a central location to serve our customers’ needs.

A Better Look Home Inspections LLC

Ronald DiPaola Jr.

Phone: 732-779-4600

Email: Ron@abetterlookllc.com

License # 24GI00108900

HUD 203k ID#P1804

DEP License # MET13400

VA SAH Compliance Inspector

325 Van Pelt Pl, Bayville, NJ 08721

hours of operation

Mon - Sat : 8 AM to 8 PM

What areas do we inspect?

Our home inspections cover all major systems and components in the home, from the roof down to the foundation. We perform home inspections for new homebuyers, homeowners who want to learn of needed repairs in their home, pre-listing home inspections to help get a home ready for sale, and end of warranty home inspections for homes less than one year old. Our home inspection report is one of the most complete you will find anywhere. It is in a narrative format which is very easy to read, it has internet links to provide more information on the deficiencies / concerns listed on your report. We also send a PDF version that is easy to store or send. Each area of the home is described separately.

A Better Look Home Inspections LLC

We will provide you with a narrative description of what needs to be addressed and why. This report format is much more thorough and comprehensive than a simple checklist report given on site. Our Home Inspections Include: The foundation, crawl space, Basements, and grading as they pertain to the house, Roof, chimney, gutter systems, and flashings Exterior components: siding, trim, windows, doors, Structural components and integrity therein from the ground to the roof, Heating and cooling systems, Electrical system, major appliances, Plumbing and drainage systems, Insulation, and ventilation. We encourage you to attend the home inspection so you will learn about any items in need of repair as well as maintenance suggestions for your home. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions during your inspection if there are items that may need clarification which is very important since you are the one who will be living in the home! We work directly for YOU and will provide you with an accurate, unbiased analysis of the major systems and components in the house. This protects you, the buyer, as you may learn of defects that are not always apparent to the untrained eye.


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